Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I know we have yet to hit August, but I can't stop thinking about....... Halloween! It's about time to start thinking about costumes and how easy/difficult they will be to put together. I have a bad habit of picking costumes that not many understand who I am supposed to be. Last year I tried a vampire and ended up looking more goth than anything.

My top 3 so far.....

Miranda Priestly from the Devil wears Prada

Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd

Or my Pirate.... Now that I have the oh-so-amazing tricorne pattern. ^_^

I also got some work, finally. I think I will be working all weekend to get everything done. There is also a job for a technical writer at a company in White Rock. I have to update my resume and send it off with a cover letter. Much better than a job downtown and I can get out of the house.

So, the only time that I am planning to have to myself this weekend is going to the X-Files movie. I think I may have found someone excited enough to see it opening night. I just found out that my brother's girlfriend is a Phile as well. After waiting so very long, it's here in a couple of days. I have watched a few clips online and I am so very excited.

Oh! I also finished Sophie's octo. I just have to get her mailing address to send it to her. I am almost done the lime octo. I just have to finish the tentacles, then stitch it all up. I'm going to take both to knit night, probably the knitopia one, to see what the ladies think of them. The lime one could be easily shipped and stuffed when it arrives, while the one for Sophie just may cause troubles with the size and weight of the item.

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